"I feel I am only a tool for the painting in becoming reality"

Hungarian artist Brigitta Both (1978) has been awarded the 15th "BBVA Pintura Ricard Camí" award for her painting "Syncronised". Her works are primarily about the fragility and unpredictability of every aspects of life and the beauty of infinite shades of human feelings. She works with various materials, using different types of papers, acrylic paint and ink, experimenting with mixing figurative and abstract.

- How did it feel winning the 15th "BBVA Pintura Ricard Camí" price?  

- Getting this award was a really big honour for me. I am so grateful. This is a wonderful feedback that inspired me very much to continue working on my art projects. It is a life-changing experience, my greatest achievement so far. It helps me a lot in believing in myself.

- Did you expect it? 

No, I absolutely did not expect it. It was an incredible surprise. I only wanted to show my work to high profile experts. I hoped to be selected but did not dare to think I could win it. It was a big thing for me.

- Do you believe contests like this one, organised by BBVA, help to promote art? 

Absolutely. Contests like the "BBVA Pintura Ricard Camí" award promotes art by helping emergent contemporary artists to be seen; artists whose works reflect the world around us. There was a collective exhibition after the award ceremony presenting all the finalist works and previous winners, and all contestants could feel like a winner.

- How would you define your painting, "Syncronised"?

- This painting would like to show harmony, peace, love. An intimate universe in this crazy world, deep assurance, trust and feeling of stability between two people who have their own world.

- How was your passion for paintings born?

- I have always been fascinated by art from a very young age, and have always been drawing and daydreaming. In 2013, I had a particular moment when I felt I wanted to concentrate on creating artworks and channel my feelings into art. I was not happy with my life, I went through a difficult time period, lived inside my head, turning my back on the world. The only thing that could make me happy was being with my husband and working on collages, paintings, photography and video art.

- Behind your talent I suppose there were lot of training?

- When I was a teenager, my dream was to study at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest but my application was rejected. I was terribly disappointed but tried to forget it and kept drawing. I have been working only for myself and my friends and just wanted to become better and better. I took some lessons in painting and drawing, but I am essentially self-thought. I tend to feel I am only a tool for the painting in becoming reality.

- How would you define yourself as an artist?

- I still find it difficult to use the word "artist". I want to work hard and put my heart and soul into my works to show I deserve to be called an artist. But I define myself as someone who loves to create, work with different materials, experiment with ideas and get lost in my thoughts.

- What would you like to convey through your artworks?

- They are principally about our daily mental struggles, looking for and finding harmony, beauty, stability and love in an insane world. I'm interested in psychology. Making art is like a therapy for me, it conforts me.

- What would you say to those artists who have not yet dared to submit their work to the BBVA Pintura Ricard Camí award?

- I think my experience could be the perfect example to encourage them believing in themselves. I did not have much record as an artist previously, and this award was a turning point that helped me to win recognition. They should put their heart and soul into their works and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. - J.M.   

[Diari de Tarragona, 13/11/2017]

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