"Culture is the soul of each country"


For her painting "Synchronized", Brigitta Both, a Hungarian artist based in Barcelona won the "Premio BBVA de Pintura Ricard Camí" award given by the Fundació Antigues Caixes Catalanes and BBVA CX in collaboration with the Fundació Antiga Caixa Terrassa.

- Surprised by the award?

Yes, very much. It was the first time I submitted my work to this call and I obviously didn't expect winning it. It was an incredible surprise.

- What made you apply for the "Premio BBVA de Pintura Ricard Camí" award?

I wanted to show my painting to an expert jury. I thought it was a great opportunity for an emerging artist like me to present my work to them.

- What does receiving the first prize mean to you?

This recognition means a lot to me, it has helped me believe in my artistic career. I started painting and making collages four years ago as self therapy and this award encourages me to continue working as an artist.

- How can it help you in your professional career?

Winning this award is a life-changing experience. Not only does it help me emotionally but also allows me to move into a larger studio space, acquire equipment and materials I need for working in a professional environment and on more ambitious projects. At the same time, it gives a lot of help in promoting myself professionally. In 2018 I will have an individual exhibition in the Cultural Center of Terrassa.

- How would you describe your winning work, "Synchronized"?

With this painting I wanted to express an intimate relationship, a deep connection, love and understanding between two people who get closer an closer to each other over time. The two lovers become a single being, not only by feeling the same love, but also by undergoing the same experiences that make their love stronger and deeper. In their own universe there are peace, security, harmony, understanding, synchronization, communication without words, and strangely they turn their backs on the spectators.

- Why did you choose this work to be submited for the prize?

I created this work especially for the BBVA award, and finished it only a few days before the submission deadline. Nevertheless, the image had been in my mind for a long time before that, but never had the opportunity to paint it.

- How do you see organizations as BBVA or the Fundació Antigues Caixes Catalanes betting on the promotion of culture?

Culture, and art in particular, has a profound impact on society. These organizations help emerging artists by giving them visibility. Artists who are mirrors of our contemporary word, reflecting social reality, recording our present time, connecting with people and leaving messages for future generations. With this award, BBVA supports culture which is the soul of each country.

- Do you think more resources should be allocated for the promotion of art?

From my point of view, promoting art is as important as dedicating resources to science. Art makes us think, reflect and feel; it can talk about our current problems and may heal our souls. Art is full of emotions, a medicine for the soul and mind, giving us love, faith and hope.

[La Vanguardia 17/10/2017]

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