‘Monochrome’ Exhibition opening

Thank you very much to you all for coming! This exhibition opening was a very important, emotional and unforgettable event for me. Winning the BBVA Ricard Camí prize was a fantastic feedback and a great honour. Thanks to La Fundació Antigues Caixes Catalanes and BBVA CX, to Belén Latorre Laguna and Berta Baliarda for their kind support. Thanks to the Centre Cultural Terrassa and Adriá Fornés for this beautiful venue, presentation and help for being able to show my works to the public. And of course thanks to the Olivart Art Gallery, Fina Olivart Hill and Marc Sancho for recognising my art about two and a half years ago when everything started. 

My exhibition ‘Monochrome’ is on until 7th of October in the Centre Cultural Terrassa.

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