Brigitta Both was born in Hungary and moved to Oxford, United Kingdom in 2007. After eight years in England, in 2015 she moved to Barcelona, the city of her dreams, where she showed her works to the public for the very first time and had her first group- and solo exhibitions.

Brigitta studied fashion design in Budapest. Having worked 15 years in the fashion industry as a fashion and graphic designer, in 2013 she became interested in collage art, mixed media painting and photography. 

She likes working with various materials, using different kinds of papers, acrlylic paint and ink for experimenting with mixing figuratives and abstraction. She likes psychology, her works are mainly about the fragility and unpredictability of all aspects of life and the beauty of the infinite shades of human feelings.

Living in different countries and learning about different cultures affected her deeply. In England she met unique artists who inspired her and helped her to believe in her artistic career. She is strongly influenced by black and white photography, recently she prefers to paint using a simplified monochrome technique. 

“Making artworks is like a theraphy for me which comforts me and I can put all my life experiences into my works. I am always explaining something what I am feeling, what I have been through or what I am hoping in the future.”


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