Brigitta Both was born and grew up in Hungary. After studying fashion design in Budapest, she worked in the fashion industry as a womenswear and graphic designer for fifteen years. Although she has been captivated by contemporary arts from a very young age, it was not until she moved to England in 2007 that she started expressing herself through painting. These experiments were meant to be her personal project, she kept her works private.

Having to experience loneliness and isolation in Oxford like many foreigners who struggle with fitting in a different culture, Brigitta found comfort in painting. She used art as self-therapy. This explains why her works seem so personal to the viewer, perhaps sometimes even unusually intimate. Let them be paintings, collages, photography or video art, the starting point of her works is always a personal experience.

Brigitta moved to Barcelona in 2015. After being convinced by her close friends and family to present her works, she had her first exhibitions and in 2017 she won the 15th "Premi BBVA de Pintura Ricard Camí" Award with her painting Synchronized. As she tells in an interview, winning the award took her as an incredible surprise. The winner work portrays two people who find stability and harmony in each other, but apparently no one else is allowed in their world; they show their back to the viewer.

Since the Ricard Camí Award Brigitta has continued working in her Barcelona studio with various materials, using different types of papers, acrylic paint and ink, experimenting with mixing figurative forms and abstraction. Fascinated by black and white photography, she has started to paint in a minimalist, monochrome style as a simple yet powerful way to express the beauty of infinite shades of human emotions .

Interested and inspired by psychology, her works are about our daily mental struggles, our desperate need for harmony, beauty, security and love in a world where those are not easy to find. Nevertheless, her works attempt to show that beauty is everywhere around us and the ability of recognizing it can help us through the difficulties. 



  • LOOP Festival Barcelona (collective video art festival), November 2018, Olivart Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


  • Solo exhibition, September 2018, Centre Cultural Terrassa, Terrassa, Spain
  • Blaue Stunde VIII (collective video art festival) Alte Feuerwache Köln, Cologne, Germany


  • Premio BBVA de Pintura Ricard Camí (collective exhibition), Centre Cultural Terrassa, Terrassa, Spain
  • Fragile (solo exhibition), Olivart Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • Pas a pas (collective exhibition), Olivart Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • One Collage - One Song (solo exhibition and concert with Professor Nazneen Rahman), Olivart Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


  • Fearless (solo exhibition), Olivart Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • Art en Femení (collective exhibition), Auditori Barradas, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
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